NAIC Part 4: National AI Capital — Definition 2.0

Aco Momcilovic
3 min readOct 20, 2020

Countries — prepare to be evaluated!

Initial Global Survey on the topic of National AI Capital was conducted on more than 200 AI experts from 56 countries on all of the continents. The concept was confirmed and validated as very meaningful and useful, and many other interesting data was gathered. Some details you can find in already published reports:

Part 1:

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As suggested, we created 3 types of NAIC definition — one very short and useful for practical and everyday communication, second (full) — with more details and nuances, that are important for understanding it completely and future research, and third (elaborated) — providing overall context and broader explanation of different segments.

1. NAIC Definition Short

The capacity of a country to develop and apply AI, and deal with the challenges of AI in order to increase social and economic competitiveness.

2. NAIC Definition Full

The capacity of a country to ethically develop and apply AI, and cope with challenges and opportunities of various AI matters and its transformational impact, in order to increase the country’s/citizens' social and economic well-being and national competitiveness in a sustainable manner.

1. NAIC Definition Elaborated:

National AI Capital as is currently defined, is comprised of 3 core factors/parts.

The first factor is the capacity to perform in developing AI tools, implementing them whether created by them or the others, and manage a broad and unpredictable range of incoming challenges and opportunities in the AI field. The general aspiration is to build capacity to manage its transformational potential and impact.

The second part is the areas where the consequences and the goals of implementation of high or low-level activities should be visible. It should affect the general well-being and quality of life of its citizens. It should improve the economic position of the country, and increase the overall competitiveness and help societies to become more equal. As a final consequence, it should boost the creative potentials and evolution of humankind.

The third part is about the context in which it happens. In general, nations should follow high ethical standards, aiming at transparency and explainability, avoiding biases, and achieving maximum fairness. It should be human-centered and have an impact on common people and their equality, and high adoption on all levels. Good AI governance should ensure exchange and sharing of knowledge for solving global problems and secure the resources in strategic segments where economic/market forces are not available.

We are glad to be recognized as a part of the Croatian AI Landscape.

CRO AI Landscape

In the last part of the report, we will complete all segments of the methodology that is going to be used in the research.

COOPERATION: For the second phase we will enlarge the number of

academic institutions,

AI/tech associations,

companies that are willing to sponsor/participate and contribute

media who will become partners will get new data and articles first

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