NAIC Part 1 of Initial Global Survey: How important is the concept of National AI Capital?

Aco Momcilovic
4 min readSep 12, 2020

And Why should we consider it?

The topic of rising inequality between the poorest and the richest, both individuals and countries, has been in the media for some time now. What are the causes, and what are the consequences? There are many ideas and comments on political systems and ideologies. For me, the question is, will it rise further, and what could cause this disparity to grow bigger, or to fall down?

In the 21st century, it is clear that the most precious thing to possess, on an individual and organizational level, is knowledge, experience… etc. I predict that the construct of Human Capital will become much more important, and research. Probably it is one of the factors that is making differences on the country level. How important, you can check in my previous article: Is human capital the only thing (becoming and) remaining important?

Differences between countries are already enormous, as you can see in the HC Index Map done by the World Economic Forum. However, in the near future, where some things can develop exponentially, there might be a force that will boost the development of some societies even faster. And this is why I proposed a concept and methodology to measure — National AI Capital. The draft is explained in this short article: Introducing Concept: National AI Capital.

I conducted (with a few supporting organizations) NAIC Initial Global Study to get the first feedback from the experts in the field (AI community). Idea is to present gathered data in the next few articles, and at the end publish the whole survey as a document (will be shared with all those interested).

Responders from more than 50 countries

Analyzed information from respondents (mostly experts in the IA field) coming from 56 different countries, and all continents, were included in the survey (3-digit number). Most respondents came from European countries.

Picture 1: NAIC IS: Continent Split
Picture 1: NAIC IS: Continent Split (Bar)

This information was very important for me because I believe that accomplishments in the AI field will be influenced by the diversity of experiences and people involved. It was extremely useful to gather different perspectives.

Variety of profiles of experts involved in the survey

To get the right answer to my key questions, for me it was also important to not only have answers from different parts of the world but also from the variety of professionals and experts in the field.

When I checked their involvement, it showed that we have almost every possible segment covered — AI Company owners and employees, Academics / Researchers in the field of AI, AI developers and engineers, members of AI start-ups, and also a number of AI enthusiasts.

Picture 3: NAIC IS Profile of responders
Picture 4: NAIC IS Profile of responders (Bar)

Is National AI Capital something that should be considered, measured, and monitored?

One of the key questions in this phase was about the importance of AI capital for every country. Responses exceeded even my expectations because the most prevalent answer was that — Yes it seems like a very important concept. In direct communication with a number of responders, I got a lot of interest, proposals of cooperation, and wonderfully useful feedback. The overall conclusion was clear YES — NAIC is something that should be seriously taken into account.

Picture 5: NAIC IS: Importance of AI Capacity on the national level
Picture 6: NAIC IS: Importance of AI Capacity on the national level (Bar)

Until this point, few organizations and institutions helped me, and many more individuals. I will thank them all in the final document, but at this point, my special gratitude goes to the Croatian AI Association, which supported me for the domestic part of the research.

Conclusion of Part 1

Confirmation of the definition of National AI Capital and its importance was first the phase of the project. In the second phase, we will work on segments of methodology and refining the concept.

COOPERATION: For the second phase we will enlarge the number of

academic institutions,

AI/tech associations,

companies that are willing to sponsor/participate and contribute

media who will become partners will get new data and articles first

If you are interested in collaboration, in any of those segments — contact me at


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